Who can fly?

Almost anyone weighing less than 250 lbs, can fly with us. People ages 7 to 87, those with disabilities, and even people afraid of heights have enjoyed their first time hang gliding with us! Just call ahead and let us know you’re coming.

When is the best time to fly?

If you have the time, weekday flights are desirable offering a more relaxed pace but you’re welcome to fly anytime the weather is good. Since getting you in the air is highly dependent on the right weather conditions, we recommend you call ahead for reservations (the season opens beginning of May and usually lasts through October); spots fill up fast. We can inform you of the best times to plan your flight and alert you to any changing weather patterns that might affect your flight plans.

What should I wear?

We recommend you wear long pants and a comfortable shirt. Bring along a light wind breaker or sweatshirt in case it’s cool up there. Comfortable footwear such as hikers or sneakers are best. We will provide you with a helmet for safety.

What's it like - Will I be scared?

Many people are under the impression that hang gliding is an extreme sport (dangerous and death-defying) one only the most daring of individuals would pursue; this however Is simply not true. Hang gliding, when done under the right conditions with experienced pilots, is a relaxing and soothing experience. Most people often compare it to feeling like they’re floating or gliding like a bird.

You and your USHPA certified instructor will suit up and get ready for flight. A towplane will hook a line to the front of the glider. As you roll down the runway you and your glider will start flying, gently lifting off to begin the climb (very different than jumping off a mountain cliff!). You will follow the tow-plane up to altitude and at the right time your pilot will release the towline letting the two of you float around hunting for thermals and enjoying the scenery-all the while with a perfect landing location just below If you want, the pilot will be happy to show you how the controls work and let you fly yourself! When it’s time to land you’ll just glide down the runway inches off the ground until finally the wheels touch, with no worry of running or tripping, coasting to a stop to share fun smiles.